Writing interactive fiction

Earlier this year somebody asked me for a list of good books to read about writing IF. I had to say there isn’t a lot of it.

It got me thinking though. And making notes. I thought about things I’ve told writers in workshops, critiques and writers panels. I thought about typical problems that come up in editing. I thought about what makes writing interactive fiction difficult and what makes it so fun. I thought about the reader experience and what I’ve learned from reading to kids. It was fun to remember back to when I first got obsessed with IF and read everything I could find, mapping the old-style books and colour coding my responses to story lines.

I wrote it all down and organised it into (hopefully) useful chunks. Next time someone asks me for a book about writing interactive fiction I’ll have something to point them to.

The book is out with beta readers right now. Right now! When I publish you’ll be the first to know 🙂

May your life be full of wonderful choices,

Deb Potter

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