There are over 20 You Say Which Way books. You can find a full list and read previews here.

We love the extra possibilities of eBooks, but you can also ‘turn the page’ with our more traditional paper versions.

In the Magician’s House explores a house where rooms move about and dreams swirl in the corners like dust.  Depending on your choices you might face the witch Baba Yaga or adventure with a young Charles Dickens. Reviewers have described the stories as ‘beautiful’ and ‘like nothing else I’ve ever read’.

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Pirate Island takes you to the Caribbean where you can explore a tropical island and search for treasure.


Once Upon an Island takes you to New Zealand and Arapawa Island ……. eventually. In classic interactive adventure style, the story twists and turns depending on your choices. You may travel back in time. You might be kidnapped, eaten by a giant squid, avert a crime, find a haunted house, become a slave or jam with an old rock star. With the Big List of Choices you can check you’ve covered every path.


Lost in Lion Country: One of the things we love about our interactive stories is the opportunity for travel. Everybody dreams of going to Africa to see all the fabulous animals that continent has to offer. Lost in Lion Country takes you on a  safari. But our stories are never completely safe. You get left behind by the driver when you step out to take a few close up pictures of giraffes. With predators all around and a pack of hyena coming your way you have to act fast to survive and make it back to your family.


Between the Stars is a steampunk space adventure where kids from an alternative London are transported to the stars. Learning as you sleep, you may be woken to undertaken missions. You age when you are awake so you might choose to sleep on. But who wouldn’t want to wake up and earn fame and fortune on board the ship Victoria?


Boxed Set: Four ‘You Say Which Way’ Adventures

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