WE’VE BEEN BUSY and kind of ignored the blog

We have a really good excuse though: There are two new books out. Sliders of Glass Mountain is an all new interactive story that lets you come of age on a far distant planet. You can choose to start your story by being a miner or  slider. Either way you get to explore a new planet, unravel a  few mysteries and find a fun new way to travel (sliding!)

The other new book is a collection of the first four books, together in one edition. With the new ‘kindle unlimited’ method of getting books we know parents are starting to borrow more for their kids. But parents still look for great value and kids have to share the cyber shelf. So we rolled four books into one to make a really good family read. Thanks to everyone who has downloaded the box set to date, and a huge thanks to anyone who reviews them. Now – back to the next book.

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